Friday, 3 January 2014

Christmas roundup 2013

Last year, I decided to keep a record of the Christmas ornaments added each year, and their significance, so that in years to come, when we are pulling battered, old, well loved ornaments out of a box at Christmas, we can reminisce about the times they were added to our collection.
So, here are the additions for this year:

The little penguin and deer, bottom left, were from Joe's Aunty Anne and Uncle Peter. They sent a little ornament for each of the girls last year and I thought it was so sweet of them to continue the tradition this year. Such beautiful little ornaments with such lovely sentiment.

The snow globe holds a picture of our trip to see Santa at House of Fraser in Birmingham. This was an extra special visit because Santa was played by an old friend of Joe's family, Paul. If was so lovely that we got to take the girls to see him. It was actually the first time the girls had met him, although clearly they don't know it was him! In fact I think it was the first time we'd seen him since our wedding. It was so lovely because Paul obviously knew a lot about the family and used his 'insider info' in his Santa role. Evie was so amazed that Santa knew all about her Grandpops and his dog Bailey. It made the visit all the more magical for her.

The little Santa ornament came from my Mum, for Evie. She loved it and had him sat on the windowsill next to her bed, throughout Christmas. It was quite an effort to get it off her, to go into the box ready for next year. I think he'd still be sitting on her windowsill if she had her way!

The rest of the decorations were bought by me - I just can't resist a little bird or deer, since the girls' middle names mean 'little bird' and 'little deer'. When I saw the cute little reindeer popping out of a 'Lola' box, well there was no way I was leaving that behind!