Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Weekly Wednesday

So it's time for my round up of what's been happening in Rowberry-land this week.

The end of last week was lazy, since we were all full of various colds and lurgies. So, Saturday, in need of some fresh air, preferably of the seaside kind, we headed down to Brighton for the day.

As a negation tool for getting ready quickly, I had promised to paint Evie's nails. Then, in the rush to get out the door, I had forgotten. Of course, she had not forgotten, and I was reminded of the lack of colour on her nails at regular intervals along our journey.

So, first stop Claire's Accessories, where Daddy did a very good job of pretending to be interested in the nail colour choice. Then we headed off to the seafront for our picnic, Evie skipping along beside us, happily swinging her little carrier bag. Such simple things give such pleasure when you are three!

Picnic eaten and nails dry, we headed off for a stroll along the promenade to enjoy some really lovely sunshine.

There was an ice cream stop, to watch some beach volleyball.


And then a bit further along, some lovely live music in the sunshine. Really, picnic, ice cream, live music, sunshine, it doesn't take more than that to make all four Rowberrys very happy indeed.

But there was more. The Pier, and Evie's first trip to a good old seaside amusement arcade. She loved it! Memories from my childhood, of time spent with my Grandma on Llandudno pier, doing just this, came flooding back. I used to love the 2p coin pushers.

I did wonder, momentarily, whether it was very good parenting, to be teaching gambling to a 3 year old. But then, the amount of pleasure she got from her little bucket, containing no more than 40 pence worth of 2p's, pushed those thoughts aside. It's not like it's going to be a regular occurrence, after all.


A trip to Brighton wouldn't be the same without a little mooch around The Lanes, but I must say I was reminded, once again, that the things that made you happy pre-children, don't necessarily feel as good, with a buggy and an energetic 3 year old in tow. Where once I'd have happily spent hours mooching around the little shops, admiring the quirky little cobbled side streets, the constant 'excuse me' 'watch where you're going' and 'hold my hand, it's busy' kind of took the pleasure away a little bit. Still, we did come away with a little Chinese waving cat for Evie, which she loves.

And I came away with some sewing inspiration.

Sunday, we headed off to the cinema again, to see the excellent Walking With Dinosaurs movie. I would highly reccommend it to any parent of a dinosaur-obsessed preschooler, but I think we enjoyed it just as much as Evie. Lola did her usual trick of falling asleep during the opening credits and waking up ten minutes before the end, but I think she enjoyed her sleep.

As far as the rest of the week goes, there were play dates with friends and new recipes tried. Look out for suet pudding, pork lasagne and macarons on the blog in the next few days.