Saturday, 22 March 2014

Big Joules Spring Clean

Hi there!

Just a quick blog post, to tell you about the amazing bargains I scored at the Big Joules Spring Clean yesterday.

It's at Rockingham Speedway, so an hour and a half away from me. I booked husband and biggest daughter in to the cinema and arranged to meet a friend and fellow Joules addict there.

You generally have to queue for a bit to get in. Today I waited about half an hour, but I have waited an hour in the past. If you're going to go, be warned, it's always windy and cold at Rockingham!!

But it's worth it for the bargains, if you're a Joules fan. I was chatting to the staff there and they told me the average spend is well in the £100's, but people are leaving with massive sacks of goodies.

Here's my stash. Please excuse the rubbish photos. They were taken in a rush, in poor light, as I was getting ready to go to Happiness Matters' Ceilidh. More on that later, but now for Joules goodies:

Check out the cute buttons down the back of this dress! This one is for lovely Lucy, of Mrs Bishop's Bakes and Banter fame, but I got the blue version for me too. Normally £80, I got these for £15 yesterday.

Totally cute little cord skirt for Evie. Usually £24.95. Yesterday, £5

Lovely floaty 'boats' top for me. Usually £50. Yesterday, £10
Short sleeved 'waterfall' type cardigan for me. My biggest bargain. Usually £99, but snagged it for £15 yesterday.
Pants for the hubster. In their own little pouches. These are usually £15 a pair, so hope he likes them. £5 each today. He's going to be so pleased I've blogged his pants!!!
Two cute little gilets for the girls. I don't know how much the fleecy one is normally, but the green one is £29.95. They were £15 each today

Lovely 'circus' pyjamas for Evie. I'm not sure how much normally, but £10 today. Look at that gorgeous frill trim on the trousers!!

And this dress. Oh my goodness. Could not resist! My girls are not in need of dresses, but this was 10! Total bargain and so cute!

Something we do always need: leggings. I usually buy cheapo ones from the supermarket, because they will only fall over and put a hole in the knees, but these are such good quality. Lovely and soft and only £5 which is probably what I'd have paid in the supermarket anyway.

I also got a few little kids t-shirts for a fiver each (not showing those as they are destined to be gifts) two tins of Christmas cards, some very cute key rings for stocking stuffers, and this lovely beach bag (£7.50)

Oh, and lastly, a gorgeously fluffy, cuddly jumper for my gorgeous husband. He didn't want to be photographed, so is looking a bit grumpy here. And he doesn't want to be included in my blog, but here he is. Because I can't resist showing you my lovely man, looking handsome in his new jumper :-)

Here's the hoard in full (minus the hubby & jumper). They were also giving away last years 'family planner' calendars for free, which were an excellent score, because except for the front cover, they don't have dates on. They are a week per page, with a space for each member of the family's activities. I will use mine for menu planning once I pull my finger out :-)

I love Joules clothes. They are such good quality. Comfortable, and such lovely fun designs. They last very well and are totally worth a bit extra, especially now that two girls will wear them. Even so, at full price, they are usually out of reach for our clothing budget. Which is why I love these sales, to stock up!

It was a lovely chance for some 'Mummy and Lola' time too. She loved being in the front of the car with me. We had a good old sing song. She absolutely loves to dance around to the radio, and she had a nice little sleep in the sun. I can't resist one little pic of Lo. Check out these gorgeous pudgy hands!

So all in all, a very good morning's work, I think. Made all the more pleasant by spending time with one of my oldest friends, her cousin, cousin's baby and my little Lola.

Now we are off out for the day, for my Mother's Day surprise. All I know is that we have a picnic and are heading west. Any ideas? I have no idea where we'll end up!