Monday, 22 September 2014

Hello again!

Oooooh ... It's been so long since I wrote anything in this here little blog. I've been writing, just not finishing. I've been crafting, cooking, doing all the other things I talk about on here, just not sharing. Naughty me! I'll write properly this week, I promise. For now, a recap of our summer, in pictures.


I started making fabric pictures. This was commissioned as a wedding gift.

Others just drew on walls. This was a summer-long installation at our favourite museum, The Higgins, in Bedford.

We went to festivals. This was the Legends of Rugby festival. It rained. A lot. But we had a fab time.

I crafted, and listened to TED talks!

We found Gluten Free fish and chips in Christchurch.
And then fed them to the ducks!!

We foraged for samphire and developed foodie children.

I searched for the perfect Gluten Free scone recipe. Nope, still not found it.

We fell absolutely, completely in love. With Nigella's Chocolate and Lime cake with Margherita cream.

I made many macarons. Mostly coloured blue, at the request of a certain 'Frozen' obsessed little girl.

And then that little girl turned 4! (There will be a whole post about the Frozen party!)

There was fun in the sun, with time away in our caravan. The small one rode ponies and donkeys.

The big one learnt fencing and archery.

The small one finally learnt to walk, and they both spent a lot of time on scooters. (Dressed as Elsa and Anna from Frozen)


So there we are. Our summer in a nutshell. Now that we're all caught up, normal blogging can resume .......