Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Product Review: The Green Earth Frying Pan from Ozeri

A few weeks ago, I was sent one of these lovely pans by Ozeri, to review.

These pans are unusual - I haven't seen them before, and a quick read of their website had me really interested to try one out. They are made with a textured, ceramic coating, in germany (expecting high quality then!) and are 100% PTFE and PFOA free. For anyone worried about the dangers of cooking with Teflon (there's a great article on the subject from Good Housekeeping here) this is a big feature.

When it first arrived, I was immediately impressed with the packaging. It looked modern and fresh, high quality and definitely made me feel excited to try it out.

Equally excited to try out our new 'green' pan were my daughters, who will do anything for pancakes! I was a little concerned by the textured base of the pan, wondering how on earth it was going to be non-stick with all of those ridges to cling on to!

I have discovered that you need to treat this pan in a similar way to a cast iron griddle pan. Oil the food, rather than the pan (unless it's pancakes of course!) and wait for the food to release itself before flipping. At first, it will look like it's stuck, but don't panic, just wait a bit and the food will release itself perfectly. Have faith!

I was sent the 20cm pan, which is the perfect size for pancakes and omelettes. You wouldn't want to be cooking anything bigger in there, as it's fairly small. But, guess what? It's perfect for our caravan! Not only is it the perfect size, but since it's easy to clean and heats up really well (even on our less than powerful caravan hob) it has been a really lovely addition to our caravan kitchen! I love the nice bright green colour too.

You can check out the pan on Amazon here.  You can see from all the positive reviews that this is a great little pan, and even better, it's currently on sale at half price!