Saturday, 29 September 2012

Oh dear!

I did it again. I started a blog and then left it gathering dust!   Not sure what happened there, but let's catch back up now.  So, what's happened since that last entry?  Well, I decided to go back to work.  I didn't like being skint and having had a long talk with good friends, I realised that I needed to work, for my own sanity.  So, I signed up with agencies, got up to date with LinkedIn, started applying for jobs and then, approximately a week later, found out I was pregnant!  Oops. Great timing :-). Anyway, that was 7 months ago and now here we are, 2 months away from meeting baby girl Rowberry #2!

In the meantime, we sold our camper van and I fought a very stressful tribunal, and won, so we don't have to worry about finances quite as much as we were.  We've adjusted to a single-income lifestyle instead of the one we had before and it's all good.

I'm still crafting and baking, in fact, my 'treat' purchases with my tribunal payout were a lovely new sewing machine and kitchen aid mixer, both of which I love, and have been getting lots of use from lately! Pics of the lovely gadgets for now (and the lovely pink blender I also treated myself to recently) and then my next post will be a catch up of all the things I've been making!