Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy 2013!

Big news since my last post: we are now a family of 4. Little Lola Florence Oisin Rowberry came in to the world rather quickly on 9th December. So quickly in fact, that she was very nearly born in the hospital car park!

It seems that one of the first things anyone asks about is her third name, so here's the deal with that. My fathers side of the family is Irish. For reasons too complicated to explain, I don't have contact with any of them any more, so I wanted each of my girls to have an Irish element to their name, to maintain some kind of link to their ancestry. So, Evie's Irish name is Einin (pronounced Ay-neen) which means 'little bird' and Lola's is Oisin (pronounced O-sheen) which means 'little deer'. Both were chosen well before they were each born, but they have turned out to be apt for each girl. During Evie's first days, we had a lot of trouble with feeding and ended up back in hospital for almost a week, syringe feeding her small amounts, as you would a baby bird. Lola was expected in November, but held on in there until December and Christmas were well on the way, so little deers were everywhere!

In other news, I've been getting lots of use out of my payout purchases of Kitchen Aid and sewing machine. Here are some of the things I've been making:

Two of the stockings I made for Christmas, out of blankets that had been used at our wedding. I made one for each of us - even one for Purdey, our cat - but only managed to get the embroidered stars on to Evie's. I'll get the rest done for next year!

Handmade decorations, made as part of the 'Chrstmas craft a day' challenge that I set our WI group for December. Having set the challenge, I failed miserably after Lola's arrival. Should have known better really!

Advent calendar. Not quite finished and ready for use this year, but maybe next year! The numbered squares are pockets, to hold daily treats, but also eventually to hold a miniature decoration for each day, to be removed and hung each day from one of the buttons on the tree.

The bean shaped bean bags I made for Evie for Christmas. They are filled with lentils and a bit of dried lavender, so they are a nice weight and smell lovely as they are being flung about the room!

More Christmas makes for Evie. These two were part of a pattern I found in a magazine. It's Dorothy and Toto. I had to get Joe to do the face, as I would really have messed it up!

Evie's Halloween outfit. These trousers took ages to make. They are reversible - the owl and flower print of the top butterfly are on the other side. I love these trousers, they are so cute and were definitely worth the effort - although they were too small! Evie got to wear them for our village Autumn Fair (organised by the events committee that I'm a part of) and that was it. Thank goodness we had another girl, so that all of these handmade items get plenty of wear!

I love these cushions. The first is clearly for Evie, and thankfully she loves it. The second was a christening present for my friend's little girl. The letters are hand stitched on and they take me ages - hand sewing really is not my strong point! I made another for Evie, sewing the letters on with the machine, but I really prefer the hand stitched look of these two. I made a Christmas version too, in festive fabrics, with the words 'Merry Christmas'. I finished stitching the letters on that whilst I was in labour with Lola, and haven't gotten around to the final part of turning it into a cushion yet!

That's all for now. Off for Lola cuddles!