Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Crafty Catch-Up

Not much to say today, so Here's a little recap of my recent crafty makes:

More name pillows. I really love making these. They do take me ages to hand stitch the letters on, but I carry the little folded up square of fabric around with me, in a little purse (Noodlehead's gathered clutch, to be precise) and stitch a letter here and there while sitting at the park, soft play, kids parties ... you get the drift!

This little desk is a work in progress. I picked it up from a house clearance type shop on Castle Road in Bedford, just before Lola was born. It's got metal legs and a cute little fold up chair to go with it. I paid a tenner for the lot. Joe took it all apart for me and spray painted the metal a nice matt off-white. It has taken me ages (a year!) to decide what to do with it. The birds are from a sheet of wrapping paper. I'm not sure whether to continue with decopatch around the sides, or to varnish and keep the wood showing through. Hopefully it won't take me another year to decide!

I made three of these superhero capes a year ago for a friend's little boys and have been feeling guilty that I hadn't made one for Evie. I bought the fabric months ago, precisely for this project. I always wanted it to be reversible, with her initial on one side. I asked her what logo she wanted on the other side and she said a butterfly, so that she could be 'Super Evie' on one side, and 'Butterfly Princess' on the other. She loves it, and wanted to sleep in it. It's at that point that I questioned my decision to use a press stud at the opening this time, instead of the Velcro I used on the boys' versions. If she's going to sneak it in to bed, perhaps I should have gone for a more quick-release option ...….

There's been plenty of baking going on amongst all of the sewing too, but I've been too slack to photograph anything. Perhaps that'll be the focus of my next post .........