Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The End of Cool

It wasn't so long ago that we teetered on the edge of being an almost-cool couple. We used to ride motorbikes and go to music festivals.

Then, we got married and I fell pregnant. No more motor biking for me. So, we sold our bikes and got a camper van. But not just any old camper van, oh no, this was the camper van P-Diddy (or whatever he's called these days) would drive. It was a VW T5, pimped to within an inch of it's life, with blacked out windows, chrome everything, low profile tyres, and converted into a camper.

Then I fell pregnant again. We took a look at the camper and the amount of stuff required for a weekend with just one child and realised it was going to be too small for a family of four. So, sadly, the camper moved on. We dithered a bit about what it's replacement should be. A larger motor home? Joe wasn't keen. He didn't want the hassle of another 'engine' to maintain. We toyed with the idea of importing an old airstream trailer. It seemed like the perfect solution. Plenty of room, no engine to worry about, still a little bit cool.

Lovely. A slight snag though ..... Your choice is basically either shell out £30-50k for one that's ready to go (we clearly don't have that much spare cash knocking around!) or fix one up yourself. Although we liked this idea, and were seriously tempted, we had to face facts. We are just not the kind of people that would ever get a project like that finished!

So, all thoughts of mobile holidays went on the back burner while we focused on the arrival of little Lola. Until ...... One day, we drove past a caravan dealership. 'Shall we just take a look .... Just to see ...' Evie ran from van to van, so excited. We looked at beds and storage and our own shower ..... A few months and some pondering later, this happened:

Oh yes, we are indeed the very proud owners of a caravan! Let us slip quietly into middle age right now. Except, wait, we're not ready. We've got plans for this van. It will not stay brown and boring for long. Watch this space .......