Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Weekly Wednesday

I thought I might start a little weekly post thing. A round up of what's happened in the Rowberry household over the past week. Wednesday not only goes well with weekly, but it's my one 'day off' in the week, when both girls go to nursery for the day, so you'd think I've hot a better chance of getting a post like this done on a Wednesday than any other. We can try, anyway!

So, what's happened here since last Wednesday?

We made cards and biscuits for Daddy, for valentines day. We used this sugar cookie recipe and it was really good. Easy to handle, and the idea of rolling out before chilling and then cutting? Genius! Made them so much easier to cut, they didn't stick to the counter and didn't spread too much in the oven and go all out of shape. We made some 'Jammie Dodger' style, inspired by Lucy, but the rest were all kinds of random shapes, smothered in water icing and festooned with sweets and sparkles.

On Valentines day itself, Evie had to have her jabs. She was really brave and took them very well. I was so proud of her. I thought she deserved a treat after that, so I promised her a trip to McDonalds (which she calls Old Mac Donald's - I think she thinks it's the same McDonald as the song!). Happily, Joe was able to take his lunch break at the same time and come and meet us. These little impromptu treats in the day, where Daddy can come and meet us for lunch, or pop home for a cuppa, are priceless. We are so lucky to be in the position where Joe works close enough to home, in a flexible enough job for this to be possible. If I was working, this just wouldn't happen, so it's one of the many advantages of me being a 'stay at home' mum. (There are many disadvantages too, but we'll leave them for another post)

The weekend was largely spent sheltering from the horrible weather outside. We took the girls to the Saturday morning kids cinema, to see Monsters University, which Evie loved. We try to go to the Saturday morning showing as often as possible. It's only £1 each for a start! You do need to book online beforehand, because it gets booked out, and get there early to find seats all together. Although I must admit to not being too upset if, like this week, we can't sit together. If usually means that Joe and Evie find somewhere near the front and I sit right at the back, in one of the easy access seats, with Lola in the pushchair. This is great, because Lola usually falls asleep before the film has even started, and stays that way until almost the end, so I get a nice hour or so, with my flask of coffee (I know, but seriously, if we did coffee and sweets and popcorn each week, this would no longer be a cheap Saturday morning activity!) and my iPad. Keeping one eye on the film of course, so that I can keep up with the questions about it afterwards!

Sunday, after a sort of lie in (or the closest we can get, which is girls in the bed with us and cbeebies on, so that we can at least stay in bed, if not asleep), I got up with an idea. "Let's make a play tent". I tasked Joe with the structure of the tent, while I would do the sewing. Then the inevitable happened. We both got carried away with the creative potential and ended up in Ikea, purchasing fabric and supplies. It's no longer the 'finished within the day' project I thought it would be. This tent will deserve a post all of it's own.

We've gone from this:

Teepee from Sew Mama Sew

To something more like this:

Available from Miss Pretty Pretty via Etsy

Look out for post on the finished tent soon! (Hopefully)

This week being half term, we made plans to see friends with children that would normally be at school. Unfortunately, we had to cancel Monday's plans because we were all ill, so we had a pyjama day instead. Yesterday we went back to the cinema (taking advantage of the extra kids showings for half term) and today we had a lunchtime play date with friends. It's lovely to see Lola making little friends of her own now. Second babies get much less time with babies of their own age, so I have found anyway, since they get trailed around all the older child's activities. So it's nice to watch her playing with babies her own age.

So that's it, back to Wednesday. The past week started off so well, with crafting and baking and adventures out, but we've been so full of cold and teething the last few days, we just want pyjamas and snuggles.

Talking of snuggles, I'm off to spend some time of the sofa with my girls, a nice cup of tea and oh, there's some brownie left .........