Thursday, 6 March 2014

Weekly Wednesday

Ok, so I'll admit, this weeks Weekly Wednesday is more like Too Late Thursday, but the day doesn't really matter. It's the round up of memories from the week gone that's important to me.

So, what did we get up to last week? The girls had a 'Daddy Day' because I had to retreat to bed with a migraine. They had fun though, visiting a good friend of ours that happens to have chickens. Evie does love chickens.

We had friends over for tea. Evie loves having her little friends over for tea, or even better, for a sleepover. These occasions usually involve some kind of cooking activity, and this time we made pizzas. The girls loved choosing their toppings and 'decorating' their pizzas, and it's so much easier to get them to eat food they've made themselves.

We had a lovely weekend with my brother and his girlfriend. Evie had been so excited to have them to stay, so that she could show them all her toys! Even better, in her eyes, was that the prospect of guests meant I'd made macarons, which she would eat every day, given the chance. See this post for more mouthwatering treats consumed over the weekend!

We had a lovely walk on Sunday, through Salcey Forest. If you live anywhere nearby (it was about a 30 minute drive for us) I really reccommend a visit. There's a lovely cafe, excellent adventure playgrounds, but most importantly, a wooden walkway, that takes you high up into the trees. It's wheelchair and buggy friendly and there's a tower at the end, so you can get even higher, for amazing views. I can't wait to go back to see how it changes through the seasons.

This week so far has been spent with family and friends. Grandma and Grandad visited, for Grandad to show off his new car. We visited convalescing friends and newborn babies, and had play dates with friends.

Tuesday was Pancake Day. Evie had her first go at flipping pancakes and we discovered a new favourite filling - melted chocolate coins and marshmallows!

There were fresh flowers, a sign of spring on it's way?

And I finally gave in and bought more fabric, after this sewing fiasco. Watch out for the finished item.

What have you been up to?