Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Gift Inspiration

Well, that funk turned in to actual illness and I'm on day two of bed rest. Yesterday I slept for the whole day, but now I'm in that annoying bit, where you're too ill to do anything, but can't sleep. So I thought I'd do a bit of Easter window shopping from my sick-bed and share my finds with you.

These are the things I would love to receive, if we did gifts for grown ups at Easter. We don't, but maybe you do, and would like some inspiration?

How completely scrummy does this Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate Easter Egg sound? I love Prestat chocolates and I really like the packaging of this one. At £15, it's a treat I'd be saving until after the girls were in bed!

Oh my goodness, this ostrich egg from Hotel Chocolat looks amazing. Ridiculously indulgent for an Easter egg, at £75, but we are dreaming here, so cost is no object, right?

I love hares. There is something about them that is quite magical. I have a bronze figure of a hare, bought for me by my husband, which I love.

I don't normally buy cushions - I usually think I can make something similar myself much cheaper, but I think the free motion embroidery on this cushion is amazing and I think £30 is a really good price for something that took a lot of skill.

I have done a bit of free motion embroidery myself recently and it's really good fun, but hard to be accurate. A lot of practice will have gone in to this design. I'd love to think that with more practice myself, I could create something even half as good as that someday.

I found this on Not On The High Street, which is one of my favourite sites for gifts and crafty inspiration. There is also this cow version, which is equally gorgeous.

While we are on Not On The High Street, check out this adorable bunny wall-sticker. I have had house rabbits in the past and would love one now, but the hubster's not keen. I'm very tempted to get one of these and position it somewhere that looks realistic, so that visitors do a double-take, thinking we've got a bunny.

We haven't joined in with the trend to decorate for Easter yet, but I think I might jump on the bandwagon next year. Any excuse for fairy lights and bunting! Especially if your fairy lights are this cute! These are £19.95 from

I love an excuse for some themed table-ware and this ceramic egg from Emma Bridgewater would be lovely to have around at Easter, filled with mini eggs! It's £39.95 but there's 15% off in the online store, over the Easter weekend.

I love this little oak bunny egg cup from Hop & Peck. At £16 it's a bit pricey for a single egg cup, but it comes so beautifully packaged, and I think it's lovely enough to be considered a piece of kitchen art too. If I had one, it would certainly be kept out on display.

I was lucky enough to go on a free trip to York last year, which included afternoon tea at the iconic Bettys Tea Rooms. Everything about the afternoon was perfect, so I am sure this afternoon tea hamper would be scrummy. Admittedly, for £50, you could have afternoon tea for two in the actual tea room, but you'd have to travel up north first!

I'd love a Pandora charm bracelet. I've liked the idea of charm bracelets since I was a child, but the old style clip-on versions were too jingly for me. I like the pandora style though and think they are a great way to mark little milestones and memories. If your loved one has a bracelet, this cute little Easter bunny charm would be the perfect gift.

And finally, a novelty gift. Everyone likes soft boiled egg and soldiers, right? And who wouldn't like them even more, with this cute little egg cup and toast cutter set? £6.95 from The Inspirations Store.


Well that's it. I'm all shopped out. I hope I've given you some nice ideas and maybe pointed you in the direction of some new shopping sites. What are your favourite internet shops for unusual gifts? I'd love to know.