Friday, 4 April 2014

First craft fair!

Yesterday was my first ever craft fair! I've been mulling over starting a little sewing business for a while now, and I've finally done it.

It was an event at a business park in Stevenage. It's a closed event - only for employees - and proceeds go to charity, so all good. I only decided to do it a couple of weeks ago, so I've been sewing like mad ever since (hence not much happening on the blog!)

Here are a few of the things I made:

Lots of cushions. The last lot are 'colour in' cushions. The fabric is from Ikea and a brilliant idea. I'm selling the cushions complete with a pack of 6 fabric pens, for colouring the pictures in. The pens go so well on the fabric, it's really lovely doing the colouring. When I was doing the sample, I had to remind myself not to keep going and colour the whole thing!

Lavender 'hot and cold' packs. In two sizes, one for hands, bumps, bruises etc and one long, for necks, lower backs etc. these are great. You can warm them in the microwave or keep them in the freezer ready for bumps and bruises. I did a bit of googling to decide what to fill them with, and decided on corn and dried lavender flowers.

The whole flowers will last longer than any kind of essential oil would, and the corn holds temperature well, doesn't smell when warm (unlike rice) and has a nice weighty feel. I have had one around my shoulders while I sew, and it has really helped my achy 'sewers back'.

Little chickens. Aren't they cute? And much easier to make than they look. I used this tutorial from Red Ted Art, which by the way, is a fab site for sewing inspiration and tutorials - I need to make the dog door stop soon.

Notebook covers. I used this tutorial from Dottie Doodle. They are easy to make and would really brighten up anyone's work day, I think.

And little drawstring bags. Lots of them, in different fabrics and sizes. I used this pattern by Jeni Baker and it's such a lovely pattern. I really enjoyed making these and coming up with fabric combinations for the main fabric, contrast fabric and lining. I'm glad I didn't sell this particular one, as I wanted it myself. You can never have enough pretty bags for storing 'in progress' projects in, right?

I made more things too and a Facebook page. Please pop on over and give it a 'like' for me and share amongst your friends.

Here's a look at my stall, all ready to go.

And now, on to the next thing. It's Kids Clothes Week next week, so I need to think about what to sew!