Sunday, 6 April 2014

Kids Clothes Week and Calling All Kids

I've had three days off sewing after all the madness getting ready for the craft fair last week, and now I'm ready for the next challenge, starting tomorrow: Kids Clothes Week.

I have been reading about Kids Clothes Week (KCW) on various sewing blogs for a while now, and I have finally decided to join in. The basic idea is that you commit to a week of spending an hour a day sewing for kids clothes. You join in with a community of fellow bloggers and sewers and share what you're planning, what you've done, how it went. And then you get to look at the big photo pool of what everyone has made.

You can sign up to KCW via their website, here. Or read their blog, here. Or, if you're not sure yet, check out what was created during the last KCW here.

There is a KCW for each season and this time, for the first time, there is a theme: Mini Me. Oh my goodness, how much does that get my brain whirring? After my previous efforts with the matchy-matchy sewing, I can't wait to get going on this!

Mini me could mean the girls matching/coordinating with me, or Joe, or probably more likely, each other. Obviously, being the eternal procrastinator that I am, I haven't decided what to make yet, other than tomorrow's job of making a 'super me' bigger version of Lola's reversible 'windy day' dress, for Evie.

After that, well, I'm off to Fabric World in Bedford tomorrow afternoon to scout for supplies. They've got the camper van fabric that was part of the original inspiration for the reversible dress, so there might be enough of that purchased to make each girl a dress.

If ordered supplies arrive in time, I'll be having a go at the fantastic knight hoodie by Charming Doodle

Um, hello? How amazing is that pattern? Evie is obsessed with Mike the Knight, so I know that she would love this. I would have to do a mini version for Lola of course, to fit with the mini-me theme. I'll be girly-ing it up a bit, but not by making it pink. Why do the girls versions of everything have to be pink?

This is a sentiment shared by Alida of Alida Makes and is no doubt part of the motivation for the linky party Calling All Kids she's hosting next week, that I'll be linking in with too. It's all about sewing unique clothes for your kids that don't necessarily conform to the gender-specific mass of blue and pink in the shops.

Inspired by this, and really, just as an excuse to make some more Skater Dresses, I might just sew up a couple of those in some funky dinosaur fabric. Evie loves dinosaurs, but you just can't get dinosaur clothes for girls anywhere in the shops. Apparently only boys are allowed to like dinosaurs! Tell that to the girl that owns three different dinosaur duvet covers! One of which was made for her by her Daddy, just so that she didn't have to have pink princesses. (Spellcheck just changed that to punk princesses, which would be totally acceptable to me, by the way, and has got into my head now as an image I am so going to have to recreate somehow)

I also want to give the New Look 6016 pattern a go. Partly inspired by the fabulous versions made by Janet and her course attendees at Kitchen Table Sewing, and cemented by the fact that there's a pattern for knit leggings included in the pack, and I'd like a go at those too. So if they have this pattern at Fabric World tomorrow, it'll make that decision for me! It would be really helpful to be able to make leggings, for Lola especially. She's a bit on the round side in the middle at the moment (in a gorgeously chubby-baby cute way, I may add) which means that in order to be the right size around the waist, all her leggings are an inch or so too long and fall all the way over her feet, so she looks like she doesn't have any!

That's about it, I think. There's more mulling around my head that I want to make for the girls, of course, but this is Kids Clothes WEEK, not year, so I need to rein myself in a bit! Especially since it's half term, so I don't get any 'time off' this week.

Come back to hear how I've got on and check out my makes, but please forgive me if I don't get chance to blog until the week's over. I may be too busy sewing .......