Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sheridan UK launch and a lovely day in London

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited down to London, to attend the press launch of the forthcoming autumn range from Sheridan UK.

I jumped at the chance to go along to this launch, for a number of reasons. First, my absolute favourite bed linen is from Sheridan. It's years old, but is still every bit as beautiful as the day I bought it. Second, I thought I might learn something about how to get a quality nights sleep, which is obviously very important to everyone, most of all parents! And finally, but by no means least important, I really wanted to spend some time in a posh hotel, being treated with lovely food and wine and generally having a blast. Sheridan certainly didn't disappoint on any of those things!

So I dropped the girls off at nursery and got the train down to London, treating myself to a coffee and a snack on the way! It's a while since I travelled down to London on my own, but I kind of miss the commute in a way. Easy to say when you're not doing it every day I suppose!

My train journey was made all the more pleasant because I met a lovely lady called Celia, and her sister who was visiting from Canada. Celia and I chatted away for the whole journey, very probably annoying the rest of the passengers! Celia and her sister had a fun-packed day ahead of them and Celia, if you're reading this, I hope you really enjoyed Wicked! What a change, to sit and chat to a stranger on a train. Most commuters avoid eye contact at all cost, burying their nose in their newspaper. Maybe it was because Celia and I were both travelling for pleasure, rather than commuting, that we were able to strike up a conversation, but it really think that commuting for work too, would be so much nicer if travellers struck up conversations with each other.

Anyway, enough of that. The launch was at the stunning Cafe Royal Hotel, on Regents Street. What a beautiful location. I was greeted by a doorman at the entrance, followed by porters at both entrance and exit of the lift. Now that's service - not even having to press the lift button yourself!

Once at the Sheridan suite, I was immediately welcomed with a glass of wine and a manicure. Lovely, this is the life! I sat watching the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus below, whilst having my nails painted a lovely pistachio green colour. I even got to take the rest of the bottle home with me!

Just look how excited I look. Anyone would think I've never had a manicure before!

A mooch around the suite revealed numerous bathrooms and bedrooms, all kitted out in the absolutely stunning bed, bath and loungewear ranges from Sheridan. Here are just a few of my favourites:

The kids range is just beautiful. Really lovely quality and not too childish. I would gladly have any item from that range for myself and love it (ok, maybe not the sleep sacks!)
The loungewear just looked sooooo comfortable. It's lounge/sleep wear, but is absolutely nice enough to wear out of the house. If I owned this lovely soft waterfall cardigan, you might see me in it every day!

This was my absolute favourite of the bedding range. It's silk, and feels amazing, but I was also told that silk sheets and more specifically, pillow cases, are really good for your hair. They really help to calm some frizziness, as there's less friction between your hair and the pillow, when you're moving your head in your sleep. Well, who knew?? Certainly not me, but I could do with all the help I can get, to banish the frizz, so silk pillows are definitely on my wish list.

Speaking of wish list, I met a lovely man, Paul, from Quilts of Denmark, who supply the pillows and duvets to Sheridan. Now, I would not have expected to find a conversation about duvets and pillows to be interesting, but actually, there's a lot to learn. I learnt some really interesting things about how your bedding can help your sleep, but you 'll have to wait for another blog post for that. This one's about Sheridan!

After my mooch around, I was invited into the living area of the suite, for nibbles and canapés. Oh my goodness, the food was amazing!

I even bought a little bag of old school sweets home for the girls. Who remembers flying saucers??

A great benefit I hadn't expected from this event was the chance to meet some other bloggers and have a good natter. Some of these ladies were just as new as me in the blogging world, so it was really lovely to chat with them.

If all this decadence has left you wanting more, let me show you some more images of the new ranges for Sheridan in 2014 ..... Because they really are lovely!

I love this range. If you've been reading this blog a while, you'll know about my obsession with anything bird or deer related. This set would be just perfect for our little Lola.
How cool is this swinging bed??
And just in case you thought rope swing beds were just for girls .....
Lastly, these are for my lovely blogging friend, Lucy. She loves a bit of mustard and blue!

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