Monday, 19 May 2014

What's on your favourite shelf?

You've heard of a selfie ..... Well here's my shelfie:

Victoria Plumb and Tots100 are running a competition via Twitter and Instagram, comparing the UK's shelves, for the chance to win £500 in John Lewis vouchers.

Here's my entry. This is the shelf in my downstairs loo which is just off my kitchen, and stores all my cookery, gardening, home improvement and travel books. This collection of books has been scaled down massively over the last year or so, as I gradually try to de-clutter our home. These shelves used to be filled only with cookery books, plus more elsewhere in the house, but I've been ruthless in my culling! My recent Coeliac diagnosis has helped too, as I've got rid of a lot of baking books, although these will soon be replaced, I am sure, with lots of books on gluten free and paleo cooking.

Nigella Christmas is my go-to book every Christmas. It just wouldn't be Christmas, if there wasn't a jar of Chilli Jam in each of the hampers and a Ham in Coke in the fridge! The pistachio fudge from this book is also out of this world. I have previously blogged about it here.

As you can see, I am also a fan of the lovely Jamie Oliver. I had the huge pleasure of meeting him briefly (but not too briefly to ask for, and get, a kiss!) as I work as a representative of one of his companies - Jamie at Home. The Save with Jamie book on that shelf is a signed copy too, so it gets treated extra carefully!

The top shelf there is full of our caravanning inspiration. We decided when I was first pregnant that we wanted to instill a love of nature and the Great British countryside in our children, which prompted our purchases of a campervan first, followed by our caravan. It's working so far. Our girls love being out in the fresh air, come rain or shine, looking for plants and animals and I honestly think Evie knows the names of more of them than the average adult!

But back to the point of the shelfie .....

As part of this competition, Victoria Plum are running the Great British Home Quiz so that you can find out what your own home style is. I got 'Quirky Cool' 'like Jess or Nick from New Girl'. I'm happy with that result. We try to foster a slightly quirky style in our home, as I think you can tell from our shelves and wallpaper. I love New Girl too. I hope it's back soon and that Jess and Nick are still together!!

Here's what the quiz said about my style:



Well, we in fact have two leather sofa's, one in our lounge and one in our kitchen, one being purple, to match our purple cupboard door in the kitchen. They're not wrong with the bright accessories mixed with vintage style either!

The wallpaper in our kitchen, with our 'vintage' clock
Bright Le Creuset on the windowsill
More Le Creuset and my beloved pink Kitchen Aid mixer
Vintage style spice racks and our wedding bread board
More vintage/retro style and my pastel pink blender


They are wrong about the take-aways though. We very rarely call a take-away and that will become even less once I'm gluten free. On the very rare occasion we do call one, we usually end up thinking we could have made our own that tasted better, was healthier, cost less and probably even took less time to prepare, than waiting for a delivery! I will miss crispy duck pancakes though, that's for sure. Joe doesn't eat duck, so I can't even make it at home. I'll have to try out a gluten free lamb version. I'll let you know when I do!

Why don't you have a go at the quiz and see what it says about your style? You could win £250 in the process! Leave your answer in the comments if you do, I'd love to know!