Sunday, 6 January 2013

Lola's first Christmas

I read somewhere, in a blog or on Pinterest probably, about a little book a mum had put together, with details of special Christmas decorations added each year; who made/bought them, why they were significant etc. I thought it was a lovely idea, since these are the things that get forgotten over time, but are lovely to find out about the past. So, I have decided to start a record of our decorations, before I forget too many of the details.

I'll get around to doing a little book eventually, but for now, this is as good a place as any:

Miniature snow globes. Evie's was given to her last year, in fact I think she has two the same, one given by Nanny and Grandpops and I've already forgotten where the other came from. The other is Lola's and was given to her by Grandma this year because it's got a little deer on the base.

First Christmas bauble given to Evie on her first Christmas by her friend Olivia, who's parents, Clare and Steve, we met at anti-natal classes. Olivia was born 2 weeks after Evie.

First Christmas bauble given to Lola by Grandma and Grandad. They found it second hand somewhere, which is fine by us, nothing wrong with a bit of repurposing, but they hadn't realised it says 2007! Grandad scratched the date off, although you can still see it a bit. This is all typical behaviour for Grandad, and the bauble is all the more unique to Lola for it!

I bought these for the girls in the sales, while we were in Windsor for Joe's cousin Richard's wedding to Kate, so they didn't get used this year. A little deer and a little bird. There will be much more to come in this theme!

This was given to Evie for her first Christmas and again, I can't remember who by, which shows how important this exercise is!

This one is mine. I bought it years ago in Key West, Florida. I loved the place and would love to go back. Evie would love the sunset festival that happens every evening. I hope Lola shares Evie's love of live music and entertainment. Joe hates this and would secretly love it to go missing I'm sure, but nevertheless, he glued it back together when Evie got hold of it and broke a flipper off this Christmas.

Two more on the little deer and little bird theme. The top two were bought in Swindon, in the National Trust gift shop, which we stopped at after a visit to the railway museum, having stayed overnight with our friends Martley and Andrew for Andrew's 40th birthday celebrations. Lola's arrival was about 6 weeks away. Martley was also pregnant with her second daughter, and due 4 weeks after me, but little Lucy arrived almost 2 weeks before Lola.

The second set were bought from our local garden centre on our first trip out with Lola, to have lunch with Nanny and Grandpops. In fact, although I chose them, I think Grandpops might have paid.

These furry chappies were sent to Evie and Lola this year by Joe's Auntie Anne and Uncle Peter. They weren't Christmas presents - they came in the post, totally unexpected, at the beginning of December. What a lovely, thoughtful surprise.

And that's it for this year, apart from the handmade decorations I added to the pile. I wonder what will get added next year?