Thursday, 10 April 2014

Kids Clothes Week - Mid Week Update

So, here we are half way through Kids Clothes Week and I have one finished item of clothing. Not nearly as much as I had hoped, but I had spectacularly over estimated the time available to me, as usual. Especially considering it's half term, so I've got no child-free time this week.

Here's the dress I have finished:

The 'Windy Day' dress for Evie. So called because the main fabric is Michael Miller's 'Backyard Baby' from the 'Windy Day' collection. But conveniently, it is also a perfect dress for windy spring/summer days, as it's double sided, with a layer of fusible fleece in between. This makes it super soft and snuggly, gives it shape and makes it that bit warmer for slightly chillier days.

I had been asked for a copy of Lola's Windy day dress, but Evie's needed to be slightly different because there wasn't quite enough fabric and I wasn't going down that road again! The roses fabric is an old pair of my PJ's and the pocket was on the PJ top, so I just picked it off and sewed it to the dress.

The reverse is a bit (lot) plain. I think I probably should have embellished it somehow. Perhaps that little pocket would have been better on that side? I think it's likely to be worn the other way around mostly anyway, for sister-matching, so it probably doesn't matter. The sister-matching is at Evie's request by the way. Not that I don't absolutely love it, of course I do, but I just want you to know that I'm not forcing matchy-matchy on them against their will. As if I would! (Ha)

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spied a safety pin on that shoulder there. Oh yes, that's because when I said I'd finished this, I didn't quite mean if was in a wearable state. Sorry. That's because right at literally, the last second of making, this happened:

Ugh! Those little snap spikes, apart from being potentially very scratchy, are stopping the snap from closing. I have tried to undo it, but I am generally a very cack-handed person as if is, without one hand having carpal tunnel and the other recovering from carpal tunnel surgery, so I think it's best I let the hubster deal with this one.

So, moving on, and pretending the snap thing didn't happen, so far, so good. One outfit completed. This little pile arrived yesterday and has been washed and dried ready to make the knight hoodie. In the meanwhile, a fellow graduate of Janet Lehain's sewing courses came round last night, so that we could work on Kitschy Coo's Reversible Hoodie together. We had pre cut our fabrics and started sewing at about 8pm. At midnight, we were ready to stop for the night, but realising we were very close to the end, decided to push on. By 12.30 we had a fully working hoodie, just needing pressing, top stitching and closing the hole used to turn it the right way out. Excellent! We both came away very pleased with ourselves.

And that is where I wish the story ended. With a fully working hoodie. Because I don't have one now!!

I came downstairs this morning, bleary-eyed (due to the late bedtime, loudly snoring hubby (he's ill) and regular wake ups through the night by a badly teething baby) but excited to show off my work and finish it off. The family responded well, cooing appropriately and Evie demanding her own version.

I pressed, top stitched, sealed the hole, admired my almost-pattern-matched polka dots and tried to ignore the badly matched seams and the little blue marks left on white spots by the iron (well, you can't have it all!)

then I zipped it up, so that I could hang it up at photograph it, for you, my dear readers. That's when this happened:

I kind of think I'm going to need that pully bit, to make the zip work, you know? That's right, I zipped up the zipper and pulled it right off the top.

So, does anyone know how I can fix this, without unpicking the top stitching, undoing the little hole, turning it all inside out, removing the zip, buying a new zip, and then doing it all again? Because really, that's going to take longer than it took to make the damned hoodie in the first place!!

I bring you this story to make you feel better about your own sewing. Because there's nothing going to make you feel good about your own sewing, more than seeing someone else's mistakes!